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Managing Violent Encounters

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Violent encounters are not solved, they are managed.  We all develop skills to deal with adverse interactions. We apply those skills over and over because they work for the types of hostility we encounter in daily life such as angry patrons at work or someone stepping in front of us in line.  For more severe violence, though, those skills are woefully inadequate.  Criminals count on that and in some cases, we can even make a bad situation worse when we rely on those strategies because that’s all we’ve got.

Castle Defensive, Inc. developed the Managing Violent Encounters program to address the gaps most people have in dealing with violence.  We applied our experience at protecting some of the highest ranking diplomats in the world and make it available to you.  This is not martial arts training!   Managing Violent Encounters is a professional approach to minimizing your exposure to risk.  We teach clients how to avoid, evade and defuse threats using researched and proven methods used by professionals who cannot afford failure.

Castle Defensive relies upon Tony Blauer’s SPEAR system for its retinue of physical protection skills.  It is simply the finest, most well-researched and designed fighting system for dealing with the realities of violent assault in a modern society.  It is neither gender nor age specific.  It takes into account human instinct and physiology by sharpening what your body naturally wants to do when violently assaulted.    Finally and most importantly, the SPEAR system is effective.  When faced with violence you must prevail in what Coach Blauer calls the three fights against you, against your opponent, and against the legal system.

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