Youth Courses

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Personal Protection for Youths


For the most part, our society does an excellent job teaching our children how to be fair, be kind, and get along with others. However, a world in which everyone operates with these same values simply does not exist. Violence statistics bear out that an overwhelming percentage of kids will experience some type of violent encounter. Unfortunately, our attempts to raise good kids has left them vulnerable to victimization, and even traumatization, when these events occur. Because they lack conflict management skills, many of our best and brightest young people are especially at risk. They need to be prepared to deal with people who are willing to use violence as a tool to get what they want. Castle Defensive’s Personal Protection for Youths course is designed to fill critical gaps not addressed by current social and emotional learning programs and provide students with reality-based knowledge and skills.


This course is a comprehensive program that addresses a very broad spectrum of conflict. It emphasizes avoidance and de-escalation strategies as optimal responses to a potentially violent encounter. However, physical skills are taught simultaneously so that, in the unlikely case that a conflict becomes violent, my students can effectively protect themselves with confidence and competence. The system of physical skills students of Castle Defensive will learn is Blauer Tactical System’s Personal Defensive Readiness (PDR) program. This is an internationally renowned program and is completely rule of law compliant when used properly. This distinguishes the PDR system from traditional martial arts and other self-defense programs. While all strategies and skills are taught and practiced in a safe and supportive environment, participants are exposed to as high a level of uncertainty and stress as possible to simulate a realistic encounter. These simulations ensure that students test their new tactics and experience the confidence that comes when the tactics really work. This course is tailored to address the specific types of violence that teens are most likely to encounter. The course will focus on situations including bullying and other peer conflicts as well as sexual abuse. We will also address situations such as date rape and other types of sexual assault, school campus safety concerns and the effects of drugs and alcohol on violent behavior.